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The Great Giveaway

About Us

Help us bring over 1 million dollars of much needed new items and food to struggling families throughout Indiana.  We will be adding updates to our new program The Great Giveaway below:

The time is here.... Get ready for The Great Giveaway!


Active Grace has a great opportunity to bring in over 1 million dollars of much needed new items to bless Veterans and Families in Need throughout Central Indiana. These items will include new shoes, clothing, backpacks, household, food, and hygiene items.


This will be a great blessing especially for the families we serve who sometimes cannot afford new items like shoes for their children or daily hygiene items like toothpaste and shampoo. Many families that were barley getting by week to week are now finding it impossible with our current inflation rates. Active Grace's new program The Great Giveaway will meet their basic needs and provide a huge boost to struggling families throughout Indiana.


To bring in over 1 million dollars of aid though we do need your help. This new program will increase our operation costs as well as we need to raise some money to secure the products and pay for shipping and handling. Our goal for the rest of 2022 will be to bring in at least $1,250,000 of goods for our community and give them away over several events including:


Back to School Events

Veterans Appreciation Days

Summer Feeding Programs

Workforce Development Trainings


& our already successful Christmas Distribution Events


For us to successfully bring in this type of volume and to hold these events we will need two things.


1) Increased Volunteers - Pray about you, your church, or business volunteering for these great events including pre-sorting, organizing, and distributing at the events


2) Increased Funds - For us to bring in and distribute over 1 million dollars of goods for struggling hoosiers we need to raise an additional $80,000 to go towards our ongoing operations, shipping, and supplies.


Pray about becoming a monthly donor or making a one time donation to our new ministry program - The Great Giveaway


If you would like to become a monthly donor you can do so by visiting:


When you click on donate select "Make this a monthly donation"

Or make a one time donation on the same page.


You can also make a one time donation by check to:

Active Grace (The Great Giveaway)

10740 E CR 700 South

Camby, IN



Together we can lift struggling families out of poverty throughout Indiana. Thank you for your support!

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The Great Giveaway

Can you, your small group, church or business volunteer to make this dream a reality?  If so email us at:

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