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Ally / Path To Success Program

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When I found the Ally program that Camp Camby has for its residents I fell in love with it immediately. I contacted someone right away to ask how I can get involved and I'll tell you why... 

Five years ago I was a methamphetamine addict who just got clean and left that whole lifestyle and all the people involved behind me. Which was everybody in my life at that time. I was suffering from severe psychosis caused by my methamphetamine use. I went to Amethyst House in Bloomington to start my life over in a new place with new people but because of my mental health issues I was asked to leave.


So I found myself back out at my parents house in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle, no resources, no money, no friends and no idea what I was going to do. I was lonely and I was scared of relapse. But then out of nowhere God put a man in my life who was instrumental to my recovery and where I am today. Just by being a good friend to me. He was someone who was there for me to talk too and speak positivity and encouragement over my life. It was a big deal to have someone like that available to me. It took me 25 years of drug abuse to find out that who you hang out with is everything. It was crucial for my healing, and my spiritual and emotional health to have a positive, Christ centered, loving friend in my life. Thats why this program is so important. 


                                         God bless,

                                         Matt Taylor

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