Active Grace



Last year we blessed 339 families and veterans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year help us reach our goal of over 500 throughout Central Indiana.  Help us reach our goal by donating below...

Or by check and money order to: Active Grace

2230 Stafford Road, Ste 115

Plainfield, IN 46168


To bless a family in need usually a family of four is $100 or more suggested gift. (Includes food and clothing from our pantries.)


A larger family is a $200 or more suggested gift. (Includes food and clothing from our pantries.)

Like to sponsor a family and shop for them on your own?

Contact us at:

Tell us the family size you would like and we will match you up with a family and give you details on a need/ want/ and sizes.

Need Help this christmas

Email us at:

Or fill out an application at camp camby - dining hall

Include children clothes sizes, needs, wants....

*We cannot guarantee any financial aid, placement, or Christmas assistance.  Christmas support depends on how many people donate for this cause.


Drop Off

You can drop off canned goods and new toys at these locations:

Aanderson Insurance

203 W Main St

Plainfield, IN - 46113

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

Camp Camby - Dining Hall

10740 E CR 700 South

Camby, IN - 46113