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Annual Report

October 2018 - September 2019

This year has been our best year yet!  Exceeding all of our financial, gift in kind, and outcome goals.  For the first time with your support we were able to give over $600,000 of aid back into our community through food, clothing, furniture, services, workforce development, transitional housing and more.

Lives were changed with your support through our transitional housing and job training programs at Camp Camby as well as our work in various communities.  We were able to add these very important programs this fiscal year including:

  • Workforce Development

  • Transportation

  • Day Care | Tutoring | After School Care

We were also able to merge with Still Waters to create our first ever Spiritual Development and Faith Based programs.  Including Celebrate Recovery meeting on Monday nights at 7pm and Still Waters Church meeting on Saturday's.

Countless lives were transformed spiritually as well as physically through our long term housing placement program.


I am excited to see what God has in store for us this next year!

Thank you for your support!

Ryan Chapman | Executive Director


           Of our funds went to

           programs and program

related expenses.  Keeping 

operation costs low is one of

our top priorities.

              Workforce development                  programs were created including call center, wood pallet shop and training, and computer training.  Giving our families skills and training to move forward.

Executive Director Salary:


This past year we logged over 27,573

skilled volunteer hours

valued at: $606,000 to our community


Meet Terry...

If you’re a fan of Mcallister’s delicious tea like most people than you may have been greeted by this smile as he handed you your drink. Terry has interacted with hundreds in our community, but few would realize he is currently a resident at Camp Camby working through Active Grace programs to get back on his... foot.


You see, Terry does more with one leg than many do with two. And when he isn’t working consistently at his stable job, paying his rent on time, and attending helpful classes, he is pouring back into the camp. Talk about hard work ethic!


Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us, Terry! We’re so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished! 🙌🏽

Profit and Loss Statement
October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019

Total Donations

Donations from Individuals and Churches           $148,561.15

Corporate Donations                                             $1,176.00

Annual Banquet                                                      $13,163.98

                     Total Donations                                                      $162,901.13

Program Expenses

Homeless Relief                                                       $46,833.65

Food Relief and Rescue                                          $2,677.68

Education (Salaries for programs)                          $20,000.00

Workforce/ Training (Salaries for programs)          $25,000.00

                   Total Programs and Aid                                            $94,511.33


Office Equipment & Supplies                                  $5,151.70

Fund Raiser Expenses                                              $8,355.56

Conventions/ Conferences                                      $2,115.65

Insurance                                                                   $964.92

Office Admin and Salaries                                       $25,893.60

Promotions/ Community Awareness                      $679.52

Accounting Services                                                $3,500.00

Taxes and Fees                                                         $13,134.89

                     Total Operation Costs                                             $59,795.84

Total Donations                  $162,901.13

Total Programs and Aid     $94,511.33

Total Operation Costs        $59,795.84

Total Profit                           $8,593.96

2019 Funding

This year because of your generosity and support of our community for every dollar donated we were able to offer over $48 of good to our community!

Great News

Because of your support we were able to bless:

15 families in transitional housing

4 families in job training

725 people fed through our community meals

Volunteer Hours

Thanks to your support we logged over 500 volunteer hours last month. 


Volunteer today by emailing us at:

Spread The Word

In 2019 Active Grace placed eight families in long term housing as well as had three decisions for Christ!  Thank you for your support and prayers.

About Us

Active Grace walks along families and veterans in need.  Your support blesses over 250 people a month through our programs.

Through homeless relief, development, job training and placement, food relief, rescue, and education we are offering families a hand up instead of a hand out.

Volunteer and give at:

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